Shirome heeled bootie in dark brown. Shirome heeled bootie in dark brown.


With the leather covering the "last," or form of the shoe, and wrapped all the way to the top of the sole, our overlasted styles are a unique Kork-Ease signature look.

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Overlasted Collection

Shop Kork-Ease's most exclusive collection yet. Browse through our overlasted collection to find the perfect accessory for your closet. This sleek collection offers a more expensive shoe showcasing the detailed construction of each shoe.

Each piece of leather is handpicked to shape the shoe's silhouette perfectly. The leather fully wraps around the shoe, giving it a sleek and sophisticated look. This high-end collection offers women the comfort they seek, along with head-turning designs. Shop through the selection of our high-end overlasted collection.


Shop our classic Tutsi. This flat sandal edition to our overlasted collection is one of our go-to sandals. The sandal comes in our overlasted design draped over a simple silhouette. The fun colors offered by the Tutsi are one of the best parts. Choose between a light orange spritz, purple lampone, or a light yellow. If you are looking for a more neutral sandal, try our green, natural suede, or brown etiope.


If you want to take your look to the next level, we offer a variety of higher heel heights in our overlasted collection. Try out our Sagano style, one of our most popular mule styles. This slip-on shoe is offered in some of our most elegant-looking materials. Offered in both hand-finished leather and suede leather, this shoe will have you feeling your absolute best.


If you are looking for a new boot, look no further than our Shirome style. This overlasted boot showcases the sleek technique of our overlasted collection. Using just one piece of premium leather, our Shriome is one of our best-selling boots.