This spring, let your vibrant spirit show in everything you do.

Kork-Ease celebrates individuality. We celebrate the woman, the originator, who puts her own spin on things. Between her style, job, and creative endeavors, an originator knows how to take something and make it hers.

We fully believe that our shoes look best when worn with one-of-a-kind, original style. This spring, do what you love while wearing a pair of Kork-Ease. Show us your signature look with the hashtag #ORIGINALYOU

Lo Bosworth

Lo Bosworth

Lo Bosworth is a certified originator. She runs TheLoDown, a lifestyle blog, she founded Love Wellness, a women’s healthcare line, and she hosts a podcast, LadyLovin’. Her strong female presence in the business and social realm inspires us. When we need a reminder of how to be a boss, we turn to her.

Between her endeavors and always on-point minimalist style, Lo is undeniably an original. She wears our shoes in only the way that she can.

We chatted with Lo about life, shoes and everything in between. Read the full interview here.